My Best thredUP Tips

If you follow my Instagram, you know that I’m a huge fan of thredUP. I’m all about affordable choices, but I also tend to gravitate toward the “nice” stuff. It’s frustrating because my budget doesn’t always line up with my taste (a problem I’m sure most of you’ve known at some point). I also like clothes that are trendy, but hate shopping at fast fashion stores that wreak havoc on the planet, because as many of you know, global warming is something I think about at least fifteen times a day. So secondhand is a good option for me.

We have some amazing local options here in Omaha for thrifting (that I can’t wait to introduce you to), but if you’re not a local, I recommend checking out thredUP. Their website is easy to use, and there are so, so many options. Some of my friends have tried thredUP and have struggled to find what they were looking for. I’m here to give you some of my best tips, which led me to this French Connection sweater with an original retail value of $119 for just $12! (!!!!)


Before you do anything, go through and set filters for your sizes.

On one of my first shopping experiences, I fell in love with a jacket, only to realize that it wasn’t my size. Setting your filters will prevent this epic heartbreak.


Go in with an open mind, and don’t set TOO many filters.

I’ve never heard of French Connection before buying this sweater (because I’m not fancy). If I had only selected that I wanted to buy Banana Republic, J.Crew, etc., I never would have found it - and I’ve already worn this thing like 12 times in the month that I’ve owned it.


Shop during business hours, and take advantage of the live chat feature.

This was SUCH an amazing find when I was shopping over my lunch hour one day. I had a really, really specific outfit in mind (this one, to be exact), and I was getting frustrated because I wasn’t finding what I wanted. I sent the URL in the live chat, and Francie, my new best friend, helped me find the outfit I was dreaming of. It was incredible! I’ll never shop thredUP another way again.


Buy secondhand that’s all-new.

Afraid of used clothes? First of all - you don’t need to be. thredUP’s buying standards are so high that they accept less than 40% of what they are sent, with the rest being sold to third party consignment stores or recycled to be used as pillow stuffing and the like. But if you just can’t get over your unwarranted heebie-jeebies, shop the “New with Tags” section. These clothes haven’t even been worn yet!  


Check out the “Secondhand First” gallery.

Need some outfit inspiration? The Secondhand First gallery is filled with photos of outfits that real-life shoppers have purchased from thredUP. Click on any, and you’ll find similar pieces that you can just add to your cart. Scroll down enough, and you may see me a few times ;).

Affordable style doesn’t have to be cheap. Secondhand is a great alternative that lets you try new, nice things at a great price. If you’re ready to check it out, shop with this link, and you’ll get $10 off (and so will the blog).

  • Sweater: French Connection via thredUP
  • Leggings: Amazon (the BEST, most warm leggings you’ll ever find for $10, btw)
  • Bracelet: Free Spirit NY (found them at Junkstock, and I'm obsessed)

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Thanks to Josh for the photos. :)