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I love Memorial Day. It’s sort of the unofficial start of summer, and boy, did summer come with a fury here in Omaha, Nebraska this year. We’ve been living those 100-degree days all weekend, and it seems we went straight from parkas to sweating like crazy. And those allergies, amirite?

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I’m not a big fan of really hot days. I tend to get really overheated quickly, so I do my best to stay cool. Dresses are my go-to on days like this. They’re breezy, light, and make you look pulled together, no matter the occasion. I love this striped J.Crew dress that I scored on thredUP for $27 ($10 off here if you want to try it). I’ve gotten loads of compliments on the bright colors, and it makes me feel like I'm keeping up with all of the sun and bright greenery. I also love pairing it with my favorite fedora, which also helps keep the sun off of my face (skincare, folks!).

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Today on my affordable style blog, I’m sharing some summer dresses that you can get for under $50. Here are some of my current favorites:

Nordstrom Rack Embroidered Dress

I love tea-length dresses. I think they’re so flattering, and this cotton dress will help keep you cool on those hot days. I love that pretty embroidery, and if you click into the site, you’ll see a really cool cutout on the back.


LOFT Swing Dress

I love a good swing dress. They can be belted or left as they are, and they’re so breezy. This is definitely a piece that I’d throw on a fedora with, grab my shades, and head out the door. It has a really cute bow tie on the back - a detail that I think is super cute.


New York & Company “You Are Literally Made Out of Sunshine” Dress

I am so jealous of people who look good in yellow. With my blonde hair and vampire-pale skin, it tends to wash me out, but this dress is like the embodiment of sunshine. Please someone by this so that I can live vicariously


Uniqlo Shirt Dress

I think a good shirt dress looks good on anyone, and I have had awesome luck with Uniqlo the last few times that I’ve purchased from them.They operate on a fast-fashion model, so I always hesitate to buy from them. That said, everything I’ve purchased seems built to last, and none of my pieces are showing wear. Just be careful with them.


Urban Outfitters “Look at Those Pockets!” Dress

I think my header says it all. This is my favorite dress on this list, and it’s selling out pretty quickly, so be sure to grab it quick. I love those embroidered pockets, and those blue and white stripes have me swooning.


There you have it.

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Summer picks to keep you cool in these blazing temperatures. If you’re looking to buy, I hope you were able to find something that works for you. If you’re just here for inspiration, might I recommend thredUP to find some sustainable lookalikes ($10 off here if you want to try it)? For even more inspiration, be sure to follow me on Pinterest, where I’m always adding pieces that I’m loving.

Now excuse me while I take my striped dress, fedora, and hit the patio with a cold margarita on my day off.

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