Giveaway! My Whiter Smile with Smile Brilliant

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Keep reading for details on how to win a $149 teeth whitening kit!

Today, I want to be real with ya’ll about something. I like to think that I’m a pretty confident person. Like, I’m always the person who calls out someone being a jerk to the baristas in a coffee shop. I make pretty bold clothing choices (for Omaha, anyway). I’m not afraid to get vulnerable and post things on a blog for the world to see. Confident.

But one area I’ve always been a little uncomfortable about is my smile. I never got braces when I was a kid, so I don’t have the perfect, straight teeth that a lot of my friends do. I have a pretty intensive dental routine, but it’s still in my hereditary cards to get cavities almost every time I go to the dentist, no matter how many prescription toothpaste tubes I buy, lattes and sodas I cut out, or reams of floss I go through. I can never quite seem to escape the dull color of my teeth, either. It’s probably the 32 ounces of coffee I drink every day, but I’m honestly not willing (read: able) to give that up.

When Smile Brilliant reached out to me, offering to let me try their teeth whitening kit, I was IN. It was just a couple of months before my wedding, and the incentive to have a beautiful smile for those pictures was real.

With-the-specs | smile-brilliant-1

First, I got a box in the mail that had everything I needed to get trays that are custom-fit to my mouth. I spent about 30 minutes putting a putty into molds, pressing my teeth down into them, and letting them harden overnight. The next day, I popped them into the mail, and very quickly I received these flexible plastic trays that fit my teeth perfectly.

Next, it was time to start whitening. That evening, I pulled out two different syringes filled with gel. With the first one, I filled the trays with a thin line of the whitening gel and fit them over my teeth. And the next hour and a half couldn’t have been easier. I sat and worked my way through checking my wedding RSVP list to my invite list. I definitely noticed that I had teeth whitening trays in my mouth, but they weren’t uncomfortable, and they didn’t prevent me from getting a full night of wedding planning in.

Readin’ and whitenin’

Readin’ and whitenin’

After about two hours, I brushed my teeth off, rinsed out the trays, and replaced the teeth whitening gel with the desensitizing gel. I left that on my teeth for about an hour until I went to bed.

The next day, I realized I was having some teeth sensitivity issues. Nothing major, but it was a little uncomfortable. I read through the directions, took a night off, and reduced my time with the teeth whitening gel by 30 minutes. And that did the trick! From then on, it was smooth sailing.

I did this for about 8 nights, and I noticed a huge difference! I was really excited to have a brighter smile for my wedding, and you can definitely tell in my photos from that day. I felt so much more confident about showing my teeth, and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to test this product and tell you all about it.

Pearly whites

Pearly whites


Now - here’s the fun part! Because I had such a good experience with Smile Brilliant, I’m running a giveaway to give you a teeth whitening kit of your very own (the same one that I used - a $149 value)! All you have to do is head HERE to enter.

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Good luck!