It's Time to Spend a Second Thinking About Secondhand

This post is written in partnership with Style Encore Omaha Central.

Okay. It’s time for some real talk.

About 50 percent of my closet is secondhand. I like nice things, but I don’t want to pay a lot of money for those things. Also, I’m getting more paranoid about my impact on the environment every day, and buying secondhand helps assuage those fears a bit.

And I like to think that I have some cute stuff. Some people seem to agree, because they tell me they like it, too. It seems, though, that the second I tell them, “Thanks, I got it at [insert secondhand store here],” they get a weird look on their face and stammer out an excuse about why they would never buy secondhand.

Today, I’m sharing some of the biggest misconceptions I hear about buying secondhand, and to help me illustrate my point, my friends over at Style Encore Omaha Central helped me come up with this great head-to-toe outfit, which is available for purchase to the first lucky person who gives them a call (they ship - details below if you’re interested!).


Misconception #1: I can’t guarantee that what I’m buying is clean or in good shape.

I think the number one thing to keep in mind throughout this entire post is that you have to find the right places to shop. Almost every experience I’ve ever had with buying secondhand has been positive, largely because the people who are selling these clothes feel the same way about them that I do: they love fashion at a reasonable price.

I’m a girl who doesn’t like gross. Very opposed. Won’t come near it. But I don’t usually have issues in secondhand stores. A good secondhand store doesn’t buy used clothes that are “icky” or damaged. At the end of the day, they need to make a profit, and bad product doesn’t sell or encourage customers to return. It’s business 101, and it’s not in their best interest to gross you out (I have a Master’s degree in business now, I would know).

If it’s still a concern, take it home, throw it in the washing machine before wearing it, and call it a day. Good as new.


Misconception #2: I don’t want to spend hours digging in a dirty store.

Again - it’s totally about where you shop, but I’ve had great experiences! I think the common vision of a secondhand store is a dirty shop filled with bins of dirty product in a cramped, dimly lit space.

I rarely go to stores as nice as Style Encore Omaha Central. Holy. Moly. The dressing rooms are HUGE, it looks so modern and contemporary, and the natural light is incredible. Moreover, the cleanliness puts any store in any mall I’ve been in to shame.

And it’s true that sometimes it can be hard to find EXACTLY what you’re looking for. But just like finding the right thing at a store in the mall, finding a store with a great staff makes all of the difference. Staffers know product like the back of their hands. The team at Style Encore Omaha Central helped me find about seven different outfits, all of them beautiful. Zero digging required on my part.


Misconception #3: The clothes are old and castaways that no one wanted, so they aren’t in fashion.

Um. Look at my outfit. Kate Spade. Topshop. Fergie. Coach. C’mon. This is great stuff. The raw hem on those jeans? Could anything be more this season?

And again - it would be poor business for a secondhand store to buy ugly and out-of-style clothing. They can’t sell product that nobody wants to buy. Most secondhand stores are very strict and only buy styles that they think are going to be huge in the next season. Do they have some misses, and is there weird stuff in there sometimes? Yep. But how many times have you been the mall and wondered what medication those designers were on?

I get it. You see weird stuff about secondhand on television. It’s usually associated with that weird kid with no taste, or that quirky girl who has taste you think is way too cool for you. The fact of the matter is that secondhand stores have really good, high quality items that anyone would love. Why? Because the people buying their product are just like you and me, and they want to buy stuff that everyone will love and want to purchase.

You’re in good hands with secondhand.

Want one of the pieces in this outfit? Style Encore Omaha Central can get them to you… and they ship!

Call 402-502-3780 to hold anything!

  • Jacket: Topshop | XS | $26.00
  • Top: Kate Spade New York | S | $32.00
  • Jeans: Flying Monkey Platinum | 2 | $28.00
  • Shoes: Fergie | 6.5 | $25.00
  • Bag: Coach | $50.00

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