Green Tip: Using a Double-Edged Safety Razor

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There are two things that just really get my goat: unnecessary waste and the pink tax, which states that women pay an average of 7% more for everyday products and services than men. Stupid.

If you’ve been following along on this humble affordable style blog, you know all about my journey to sustainability and how I’m trying to find simple changes that cut down on waste without making my life about 10 million times harder or more expensive. I talk about this a lot.

But I’ve never ranted to you about how annoyed I am that women’s products are always so much more expensive than men’s. For real. My shampoo is not that much more special than what I’ve seen in Josh’s bathroom. Smelling like a meadow instead of an arctic glacier shouldn’t cost me more. And razors. My crappy disposable razors, because they are marketed to women, tend to cost more than what I see in the men’s aisle. Pink tax. Not cool.

BUT. I’ve been doing a lot of research lately, and I’ve found a solution to at least one product that is both a culprit of the pink tax and a contributor to a ton of plastic waste.

Cue the double-edged safety razor.

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If you think about it, our current shaving system is stupid. Disposable razors work okay, but not great, and they put a TON of plastic in landfills. Whether you buy ones with a handle every time, or just the replaceable razor heads, every few weeks, those fellas get trashed and take up space on the planet for about 500 years while they decompose. Think about how much plastic your razors are putting into landfills and multiply that times everyone else who’s shaving. Yikes.

Double-edged safety razors cut down on this waste, because they eliminate plastic from the system. Once you purchase your razor, you’ll have it for years and years, and you’ll only need to switch out the metal blades, which are inexpensive and last way longer than do the blades on your plastic cartridges. If you take care of the blades by de-assembling your razor and drying them off after shaving, they can last months (because they are SHARP).

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I also have found that I get a much better shave with mine. It took me about a month of practice to figure out how to best use my razor because it’s a little more complicated than what I was used to, but now I can’t go back. At first, I was too scared of it and didn’t get as close of shave as I would like. Then, I overcompensated and used too much pressure and cut myself (again - those blades are sharp). But once I figured out the best angle and amount of pressure to use, I’ve found that I have a way better shave than I ever did with my disposable razors.

And they look cool as hell. They’re primarily made for men and there aren’t too many choices designed just for women, but who cares? Mine has a really cool bamboo handle and came with five starter blades (after about two months, I’m still on my first blade). The reviews talk about what a great gift it is for your husband or father, but pay no mind. It was a small investment at $21, but that’s less than I would spend on disposable razors in 6 months, and I know that I’ll have this one for years to come. Pink tax - eliminated. You can check out the one I’ve been using here.

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If I had to do it again, I’d probably buy an all metal version. When I purchased mine, I wanted something that felt more feminine, and in my brain, the wood handle did that. The more I look at the steel-handled ones, though, the more I like them. This one is on sale for about $37 here.

I also think they’d make a great gift to someone of any gender - they look nice, feel fancy, and are super practical.

What do you think? Are you ready to make an easy switch? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to share this post with that friend of yours who is trying to be more green (we all have one!).

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