It's Been a Year!

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It has officially been one year since my first post on With the Specs! It’s been a whirlwind of a year worthy of celebration.

I started this blog as a creative outlet. I was really, really stressed out and feeling like I was spending all of my time for others and never for myself. I needed a project that challenged me, taught me a few hard skills, and had me jumping to try new things. It wasn’t to build my resume, and it wasn’t to make money. It was for me.

So I expressed my interest to Josh. He was excited for me and eager to help. We were out that Saturday at a new (at least to us) place in Ashland that was in a really beautiful building. He offered to take pictures. I was so flustered and self-conscious that I started to cry. The pictures showed how uncomfortable I was, the light was terrible, and the quality was subpar because we were just using an iPhone (my, how we've grown in that area!).

But eventually I powered through and hit “publish.” Since then, I’ve learned so many new things, and I’ve gotten to work with really cool, talented people. Some of my favorite highlights:

I’ve grown a lot. I’ve earned a little bit of cash, built self-confidence, found a reason to try some things I’ve always wanted to do, and developed new interests.

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Which leads me into where I see this blog going in the next year. When I first started, I was writing about whatever came to mind. It became clear, though, that I really loved writing about a few things in particular:

  • My journey to a more green lifestyle. Whether it be making my own cleaning supplies or makeup, or tracking down products and clothing that have a less damaging impact on the planet, this has been an interest that has only grown with time.
  • Affordable style. I love clothing and deals, and I especially look forward to finding great, eco-friendly pieces.
  • Great businesses and places in Nebraska. This is home, and there are so many wonderful things to do and people to meet here. I love promoting what they’re doing.

These are the areas I want to focus on in the coming year, and I’d love to know what you want to hear more about. Do you know of any great businesses I should look into? Do you have any areas in your life that you’re looking to be more green in but aren’t sure how? Or do you just like cute clothes? I want to be the girl you lean on to get your fix for any of these things. Feel free to reach out or comment any time. I’m really looking forward to another year of growing together.

Now, back to work. 

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