New Year's Style Resolutions

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Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are recovering from your sugar hangovers nicely! Now that we’re settling back into our offices (crying) and trying not to write 2017 on everything we date, it’s also time to start working on those New Year’s resolutions. I don’t know about you, but I’ve stopped making mine things like “eat a vegetable once a week,” or “maybe go outside.” You know - those impossible, unattainable goals. Instead, I’m focusing on things that I actually want to do.


This year, I’m resolving to make some bolder style choices. Last year, I found my style groove and found what I really like. I want to push the boundaries further this year and find quality pieces that really speak to who I am. I want bolder colors and patterns. New ways to layer and and tuck. Pieces that I would never consider taking off the rack before because I’m too worried that they’re “too cool” or “too fashionable” for me (what an absurd notion).


Unfortunately, though, finding yourself is expensive, especially when you want to throw your entire closet out the window and start from scratch with some risky pieces that may work… or maybe flop. That’s what I love about secondhand style. I can find some of those bold, runway-style outfits that I’ve always wanted to try but don’t meet my risk versus reward criteria because they’re too expensive, and I’m worried that they’ll wind up being oopsies instead of wow’s.

And ya’ll know that I’m all about affordable. I’m happy to have found, the world’s largest online consignment and thrift store. For under $30, I was able to put this ensemble together, which checked off so many items on my 2018 style resolution list:

  • Not black (Seriously needed. - ✓)
  • Bonus points for a bold color (Red. Yep. - ✓)
  • Bold pattern (A professional Americana look? Who knew there was such a thing? But color me obsessed. - ✓)
  • Unique details (The chain on that shirt! And scroll down to see the buttons on the back! - ✓)
  • New brands (The shirt is Forever 21, so no dice there, but the jacket is from Renaissance, which I’ve never heard of, so we’ll give it a ✓.)

I also purchased a pair of leather leggings, which fell more on the “oopsie” side than the “wow” side for this particular outfit. I've learned, though, that if you’re not making mistakes, you’re not taking risks. And guess what? I only spent about $5 on them, and I can send them back if I decide they're not for me.

This is an outfit that I probably would never have even tried on in a store at full price. The buffalo check would have seemed like something that was so bold that I wouldn’t wear it often enough to justify the price. The chain on the shirt would have seemed too impractical and like a pain to wash. But now that I have these pieces, I’m totally in love, and I know that those worries were unfounded. I’m probably going to wear this jacket everywhere, and let’s be real, I usually wear an outfit a few times before I wash it anyway (unless it gets dirty - I’m not gross, just a girl trying to preserve the quality of my clothing and save the planet at the same time). Secondhand lets me take risks without a risky price tag, and makes it easy.


What style risks will you be taking in 2018? Will you buy something secondhand for the first time? Buy something red? Half-tuck your shirt? Or something REALLY crazy like going Lady Gaga? Tell me in the comments!

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Happy 2018, and good luck with those style resolutions!

Thanks, Josh, for the photos. :)