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Friendly Reminder:

Mother’s Day is only about a month away! That means it’s time to start thinking of the perfect gift to say, “I know you endured hours of labor on my behalf. You had to watch me jump into the pool 8,000 times when I said ‘Mom, look. Look, Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Look!’ You didn’t laugh when I tried to look cool wearing arm socks. You’re great, Mom, and I love you.”

It’s not easy to say all of that with a material item, but we’re sure going to try this week! And if your mom is not, like, a regular mom, but a cool mom (one who knows what that line is from), this gift guide is for you. All of the choices here will show her just how important she is while not breaking the bank - because as much as you love her and know that she’s invaluable, you’re still balling on a budget.

Disclaimer. I am not a mom. I am not an expert. I’m just a girl who can do a Google search and point to things that look cool.

So without further ado, here are six great, affordable mother’s day gifts that I know she will love, all of which can be purchased online from the comfort of your own home.

Essential Oil Diffuser

I’m a huge believer in aromatherapy and using scent to set the mood. Though I’m a massive candle fan, I like this because I don’t have to worry about blowing it out before I go to sleep, and I can run relaxing smells whilst I slumber. This one also looks really nice.


A Spa Kit

Your mom deserves to treat herself because she has to deal not only with her issues, but all of yours, too. This kit gives her all of the tools she needs for a relaxing evening. Now you just need to supply her with a good book and earplugs. Bonus - all of the products are all-natural.


A Personalized Wine Tumbler

Hands off. Be sure to get her one of her fave bottles to go with it (and not to be shared).

A Monogram Necklace

Because it’s pretty. Get her initial. Not yours.


Fun Dinner Plates

Pretty florals perfect for a night on the patio. Also, they're Vera, and I know that will be a slam dunk. 

Chemex Coffee Maker

Fancy coffee for a classy lady, amirite?


Now go shop and tell that woman how perfect, magical, and important she is. 

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