Everything I Thought I Knew About LASIK Was Wrong

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As you can probably tell by my blog name and logo, my vision (or lack thereof) is a big part of my life. I can remember the day when I realized that I really needed glasses. I was a senior in high school, and my best friend finally had enough of reading what was on the overhead projector in English out loud to me. I went to get glasses later that week and was completely amazed that with them I could see individual leaves on trees and read road signs before I came up on them (yikes, right?).  

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My vision isn’t great, but it’s not, like, the worst. That honor goes to my husband. He’s one of those people who couldn’t read how many fingers you had up four inches from his face without his glasses. I actually get nauseous when I put them on because his prescription is so strong. He broke them last year and it was this huge traumatic thing because he literally can’t function without them. So poor hubby had to have duct taped glasses for a bit. What a pain, right?

When the Refractive Surgery Council reached out to us to invite us to an evening at Kugler Vision to learn more about LASIK and corrective eye surgery, we were very interested. It’s been a huge topic of conversation for us several times, but ultimately, it would end with the following conclusions:

  • It’s way too expensive. Completely unaffordable. We’re too poor for anything like this.

  • Based on past conversations with different professionals, we were told that Josh likely would not even be a candidate because his eyes are so terrible. OR he would be a candidate for a different kind of surgery that would cost about $12,000 and only get him about halfway to decent vision. So SUPER worth it, right? 

  • My vision is bad, but not bad enough to warrant an investment in something like this. See point number one.

So basically we were excited to learn more but not terribly optimistic that this would be the answer to our vision prayers. It was actually an incredibly informative and surprising evening.

But really, Kugler Vision is just an impressive space to walk into. It’s beautiful, the staff is SO nice, and it feels like a darn spa in there. a

Dr. Kugler and Dr. Stuntz were so knowledgeable. Like, these guys are GOOD. But they’re also not pretentious about it. They’re just cool and nice and spent some time with us, and that’s what I want in a doctor.  

They had us do a miniature preliminary exam and walked us through why (just at a glance) we’d be good fits for a procedure. They also dispelled all of the reasons we never seriously considered LASIK before. Key takeaways that I think are relatable for pretty much everyone:

  1. LASIK doesn’t cost nearly as much as we had always been told. It’s a little over $5,000. When I think about the fact that I spent $800 when I bought glasses, contacts, and an eye exam in just one year, that seems like a logical investment for a lifetime of good vision.

  2. The recovery time is super reasonable. You need a ride home because you just had laser eye surgery, but you should be good to get up and go to work in the morning (which, when you think about it, is kind of a bummer because it means you don’t have an excuse to stay home and eat ice cream in bed. But whatever, for some people that’s a selling point).  

  3. Until I met Dr. Kugler and Dr. Stuntz, I’ve always been like, “Yeah, but what if they slip and the laser messes up my eye, and I go BLIND?” Apparently it’s kind of a non-issue. And it doesn’t happen often enough to warrant your major worry alarm bells to start ringing. 

  4. Does anyone else get a little freaked out thinking about staring up at a laser that’s cutting up your eye? If so, I have some good news for you. The surgery doesn’t hurt! They say that the part where you’re actually doing the procedure only takes about fifteen minutes, and a lot people are really confused when it’s over because it was so short and not laser-y feeling.

  5. Did I mention it doesn’t cost a million and four dollars?

Needless to say, everything we learned that night flipped our previously held conceptions on their head. Josh signed up to do the full consultation, and we learned this week that he is indeed a candidate for LASIK. We’ll likely be heading back to Kugler Vision soon for the actual procedure because after everything we learned, it seems like a total no-brainer.

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And what about me? I’d love to do it eventually, too, but hey - then I’d have to do this entire rebrand of my blog, and you wouldn’t know where to find me anymore. Just kidding! In a year or two, maybe you’ll see a new logo that says, “With No Specs” (working title, leave your suggestions in the comments).

If you’re thinking about LASIK, the RSC Insight blog has a lot of information on researching whether laser vision correction is right for you. Check out their website for more information.