Blanket Scarves and Karma Points: A With the Specs Giveaway!

‘Tis the season to panic about it almost being Christmas! This is always a chaotic time of year for me. It’s officially finals week, and I’m taking the LAST final of my master’s program on Wednesday (pray for me/send good vibes). It’s the hardest class I’ve taken in this program, so my confidence levels are a little low.

Needless to say, I’m shooting for comfy over highly fashionable this week. I’ll be wrapped up in this deliciously warm blanket scarf for the rest of the semester while I’m hunched over net present value problems for school. And if you didn’t get the memo, we’re belting these now. That’s the only way we’re wearing them this year - at least according to my Instagram feed. Take note. Kidding. Sort of.


I’m also throwing out a hail Mary for some good karma points on this final! Welcome to the With the Specs’ first-ever giveaway! I’m giving you your own blanket scarf (that you’ll be belting, of course) and a cozy Starbucks travel mug to put your java in (because we’re going green now and not using paper cups unless it’s finals week). You get some major hygge vibes or a Christmas gift off of your list, and I get to pass my final because that’s how that works - right?


But in all seriousness, we (Josh and I) decided to do a giveaway because we’re kind of blown away at how this has grown in just a few short months. I went to never using Instagram to having over 500 followers and growing every day. And people actually READ this! I thought it would be just a core group of friends and my mom, to be honest. And we have some really, really cool and big things planned for next year. Basically - we’re grateful, and we want to say thanks for the support. Also it’s Christmas, so we’re feeling generous (cue ruined moment).

So to win, do at least one of the following. The more you do, the more entries you get.

  1. Visit my Instagram. Like the giveaway photo, follow me, and tag two friends. Every additional friend tagged is an additional entry.

  2. Visit my Facebook. Like the giveaway post and tag two friends, and like my page. Every additional friend tagged on the post is an additional entry.

  3. Winner will be announced/contacted on 12/17/18 after I sleep/nurse my post-graduation celebration hangover. Must be living in the U.S. to win, sorry!*

*Other legal things include “no purchase necessary,” “everyone has an equal shot of winning,” and “no one else, including social media platforms and these brands, has endorsed this. It’s all me.”

In the meantime, I'll be here studying.

In the meantime, I'll be here studying.

Cheers to one hell of a week!

Thanks to Josh for the photos. :)