My Favorite Spring Target Finds

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Guys. I don’t know if you follow many fashionistas on Instagram or if you religiously shop at Target like I do, but they have been KILLING it in the style game lately. They have so many cute choices to pick from - all at great prices! What’s even better is that I’ve found the quality of their clothing seems to get higher every year, too. It’s turned me into an addict, because what’s $20 on a top here and there, right? And to add fuel to my shopping fire, Target has started offering free two-day shipping, which means I don’t even have to leave my house. There’s not a lot I won’t do to avoid leaving home.

Today, I wanted to share my favorite Target finds for this season. I’m going to try to restrain myself, but who knows - maybe you’ll see some of these on the blog!


  • I think midi dresses are just so flattering, and this one is oh-so-chic. (Midi dress - $30)
  • I love a good maxi dress, and this one is on sale! (Floral maxi - $20)
  • This is perfect for work, contains my staple black color, and still screams of spring (Stripe dress - $30)
  • Okay, so not technically a dress, but this tank, skirt set from the Who What Wear line is so swoon-worthy and perfect for spring. (Tank - $23, Skirt - $30)  



  • Around this time of year, I start thinking, “How will this hold up in July?” Answer for this light, breezy, top: perfectly. (Ruffle Sleeves Top - $30)
  • I bought this top for myself, and it’s my new favorite t-shirt. It’s so soft, and it’s on sale for $5! (Striped tee - $5)
  • Not the best idea for a BBQ grill out, but perfect for a day at work! (White Bell Sleeves Top - $25)
  • I’ve been on the prowl for an oversize button-up short-sleeve shirt. You may see this on my feed soon. Because I love it. (Striped Button-Down - $18)


  • What’s there to say about this skirt except HOW FREAKING CUTE IS THIS? (Striped midi - $23)
  • Drooling. I think this skirt is my number one favorite spring target find. (Checkered midi - on sale for $29)
  • Love this versatile find. Dress it up for work, dress it down for fun. And it’s on sale! (Tie Waist skirt - $18)
  • Nothing seems to scream spring to me quite like a bold, yellow print. This one is on clearance, so get it quick! (Printed maxi - $31)


  • I’ve got a thing for tie-waist pants right now. They’re light and breezy and will carry you through spring and summer. (Tie waist pants - $23)
  • Nothing says bold like some statement pants. (Floral pants - $23)
  • Culottes, man. Love ‘em. As one of my fellow Omaha bloggers said in a recent Instagram post - they’re the adult version of gauchos. Love that idea. (Culottes - $25)
  • I’m considering myself over skinnies, and I’m here for bold, wide-legged pants. (Wide-legged pants - $23)

There. I’ve tackled your spring wardrobe for you. You’re welcome. Maybe we’ll be tackling shoes and bags next? What do you think about that idea? Tell me in the comments!

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Until next time!

P.S. - Thanks to Josh for the intro photo :)