What I’m Wearing to Work This Fall

Though it’s technically been fall for a couple of weeks, the weather in Nebraska is just now getting the memo. I finally feel like I can go outside without having my face melt off and my hair go flat, which means it’s time to pull out the boots and jeans (praise be). It also means I get to retire the work clothes I wore all summer and literally can’t look at anymore because I’m so sick of them. If you’re in the same boat, welcome, because this post is for you. I’m sharing my favorite fall work outfits for this year, all at reasonable prices because we’re young professionals and most of us are still staggering under the weight of student loans. Get ready to look like you’ve been in this game for a few decades because we’re getting real profesh.

Floral Dress

Give me floral everything.

In fact, just sprinkle some seeds on my head and put me out in the rain. I also really like long vests right now because they flow like a cape, which makes you feel pretty badass when you’re walking down the hall. Call it a confidence boost. Here’s a combo in a bit of a different color palette because that’s fun, too.

Throw on some tights and jewelry, walk out the door, and enjoy hearing your work frenemy Janet from Accounting pay you insults that sound like compliments all day because she’s so jealous. God, you hate Janet.

Grey Blazer

Your Handy Dandy Blazer

I’m going to be honest - I’ve given up on the whole “you can’t wear that many neutrals all at the same time” rule. It’s too much work. So grey, brown, and black, along with silver and gold, can all play nicely in my book. I’m also seeing velvet everywhere these days, which is a little weird to me because that was really cool when I was about eight. I can dig, though. All similar choices:

  • Blazer: Target, $35 (really nice because you can throw it in the wash because if you’re 25 and lazy like me, there’s no way in hell you’re taking anything to a drycleaner).
  • Top: Lands’ End, $40
  • Pants: Loft, $80
  • Shoes: Aerosoles, $80
  • Bag: Kohl’s, $20
  • Lipstick: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita, $20
  • Necklace: Etsy, $35

By now, Janet is fuming. Bless her.

Pink Shirt


Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you can’t go outside with the color pink hitting you in the face this fall. I like it, which is why I’m wearing this. All similar choices:

Some more tights, some more jewelry, and boom - you’ve won. You can mix these outfits and stretch ‘em for an entire work week. Janet won’t know what hit her.

Need some cute new office supplies to go with you fall duds?

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