I Made DIY Organic Blush, and it Kind of Rocks

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Hi there! Welcome to another post where I talk about how I reduce chemicals and plastic in my life! In my quest to make more of my own cleaning supplies, I’ve been taking to Pinterest a lot. I’ve started noticing that Pinterest has been showing me not just cleaning supply recipes, but recipes for DIY makeup. Probably the universe’s way of telling me that this was another area of my life that I could clean up more (or just a good algorithm, whichever).

When my blush compact broke last week, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try something. There are A LOT of options online, and I was really nervous that I would invest in something that wouldn’t even work. So I started researching. And researching. And researching. It seemed that my best option was to keep it pretty simple.

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So, how’d ya do it?

With just two ingredients, I ended up with something that ended up being kind of awesome! Here’s what it took:

And that was all it took to make my DIY organic blush! I mixed the beet root powder and cocoa powder together, and came up with a shade that was different than what I normally wear, but I really love it. If you want a lighter pink, I’ve been reading that a lot of people will just use plain beet root powder, or to make it even lighter, they’ll add arrowroot powder instead of cocoa powder.

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A couple of notes:

I like my blush to be noticeable and definitely there, but still subtle. If that’s your vibe, this is going to be perfect for you. If you like your blush to have a massive color payoff, this probably isn’t for you.

Additionally, it smells like cocoa powder, which in my opinion is a great way to start my morning, but you know, may not be for you.

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My DIY organic blush was also so much cheaper than my normal blush, even though I had to purchase all of the ingredients (let’s be real, I’m not healthy enough to have beet root powder sitting around the house). My normal cost for a single-color compact from Sephora is about $14. Everything for this cost me $12.

If you need a container, here are some great ones that you can purchase, but I’m all for re-using! I had an old Bare Minerals powder foundation container that I cleaned out and used. It was more of a challenge to empty than I thought, so I tracked down this awesome tutorial.

What do you think? Is this something that you would try? Let me know in the comments!