All-Natural, 3-Ingredient, Swiffer Wet jet Refill

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I’ve been trying to decrease a lot of both the chemicals and plastic in my home over the past year, and I’ve been starting largely by taking a look at the many, many products that I use in my bathroom.

Cleaning products are a big culprit of this. All-natural products can be kind of pricey, and many products that work really well and are convenient don’t have all-natural versions. Take Swiffer Wet Jets for example. The fluid bottles in them are one-time use, leading to a lot of tossed plastic. A two-pack will run you about $10. Fortunately, after doing some research, the ingredients in it are not too bad, but hey - if you can simplify with all-natural ingredients, why wouldn’t you?

This week on my affordable style and sustainable living blog, I’m sharing how I’ve hacked Swiffer Wet Jets to be less expensive, more sustainable, and all-natural.

Swiffer Wet Jet Liquid Refills Are One-Time Use

Not so, but they’re a pain to unscrew. Once you get it done, though, you’ll have a bottle that can be reused over and over again.

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It’s really not too hard, but it’ll take you about 15 minutes. I boiled some water over the stove and put the cap in for about 30 seconds at a time. I let the plastic get just a little bit mooshy (scientific term). Not enough that it melted or would reshape, but just enough that it was a little bit softer and easier to bend.

I had a pair of pliers on hand, and when the plastic was soft enough, I yanked off the cap. Once the cap is off, you’ll want to clip the pieces of plastic that are inside that keep it from unscrewing. It’s a little time-consuming and an awkward process, but if you don’t, you’ll just have to do the boiling water thing all over again. Once those are clipped, you have a bottle that can be unscrewed and screwed back on! Boom. No more wasting empty bottles!

3-Ingredient Refill Recipe

Now that you have a reusable bottle, you can stop paying $5 per refill, and start paying about $1. It’s pretty simple:

  • Fill half the bottle with water
  • Fill half the bottle with white distilled vinegar
  • Add your favorite essential oil (here are the ones that I buy)
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If you don’t mind the smell, you could probably skip the essential oils, but some can do more than just smell nice and are actually really good for helping things stay clean. Personally, I add in about 20 drops of lavender oil and 10 drops of tea tree oil to my mixture. I know that a lot of people use lemon, orange, peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary for cleaning purposes, as well.

It took me less than 5 minutes to mix it all up.

How Easy, Right?

After spending 15 minutes once to unseal the “one-time use” bottle and just a few minutes to mix up a solution, I had an awesome, all-natural, and inexpensive floor cleaner that helps make my home a little bit more sustainable. And it works great!

This is the only home cleaning solution that I’ve made on my own so far, but I have more planned! I’m almost out of daily shower-cleaner, so that will likely be next. I’m also thinking about making some of my own makeup.

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