Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ringly: A Review

Back in May, I made the plunge and purchased myself a Ringly bracelet. Ever since, it’s been the number one thing I’ve been asked about by people who see it. Today, I’m sharing everything that you need to know about Ringly, along with what I love, and what I’d change.

What is Ringly?

Ringly is a company that creates smart jewelry for the fashion-conscious consumer who wants the convenience of a smart fitness tracker (such as a FitBit) and phone alert system (like an Apple watch), but not have to sacrifice their aesthetic. Basically, they make really pretty, high-quality bracelets and rings that double as a mobile-alert system, fitness tracker, and guided meditation tool.

My Ringly bracelet. 

My Ringly bracelet. 

How it Works

Once you receive your beautiful, glorious piece in the mail, download the Ringly app and pair your piece and phone via Bluetooth. You can customize your Ringly to pair it with about a bajillion different apps you already have including Fitbit, Facebook, Pillow, Email, and more. Mine is synced to my phone calls, the Weather Channel app, my texts, and my calendar. I recommend keeping it to the essentials or it will light up and buzz nonstop. Decide what's most important to you.

You’re able to customize the vibration pattern (up to 7 pulses) and light pattern (5 colors) combinations for each of these apps. You can also designate certain people as VIPs and assign them special patterns. For instance, every time my mom texts me, my bracelet pulses twice and lights purple to show that I got a text (like anyone who is not a VIP would show), and then it flashes red again to indicate someone in my family has texted me. You can hit the VIP button and only receive notifications for certain people on your list. This is really nice when I’m working at an event and need to tune out everyone but my work colleagues. Once I hit that button, they’re the only ones I’m getting notified of.

It’s also a fitness tracker, albeit a relatively simple one. You can set step goals and get notifications of your progress throughout the day. The interface shows you the number of steps walked, number of calories burned, and distance traveled, along with a graph that shows where you are in relation to your goal. I don’t really have any needs greater than that, so this is perfect for me.

There are a couple of other features that Ringly has. It has a meditation component that walks you through breathing exercises and reminds you to be mindful throughout the day. You can also double-tap your piece with the camera open and it will act as a remote and snap a picture.

The Ringly fitness interface.

The Ringly fitness interface.

What I Love

I really like knowing I can put my phone down and not have to check if I’m missing something important - my bracelet will let me know. The customization of notifications is really important to me because it’s yet another filter that lets me know what I can ignore and what needs my attention. Honestly, the fitness tracker, meditation, and camera features are all nice, but I don’t really use them that much. They sure are handy when I need them, though!

I also love its longevity and charging station. Mine lasts me about two full days before it needs refreshing, but if you’re, like, insanely popular, you probably will need to charge it every day. When it’s time to juice up, I just put it in the box it came in, which acts as the charger. It’s just so COOL and unlike anything else that I have.

My favorite part, however, is how it looks. The jewelry is all made with real stone, it’s very chic, and until it vibrates or lights up, no one would ever know that it’s a piece of technology. I like Apple watches and FitBits for their function, but I’ve never loved the way they look. This just looks like a really pretty piece of jewelry. I love it.

The box doubles as its charger.

The box doubles as its charger.

What I’d Change

The notifications do their job a little too well. Don’t plan on bringing this to a dark restaurant because you will light the place up. Learned that the awkward way. The person you’re with can also usually discern the vibrating sound, too. I wish it were just a little more subtle.

My only other wish was that its range was a little further. You can’t be too far from your phone and have it still work. That’s not Ringly’s fault - that’s kind of just how Bluetooth works. It’s just annoying to leave my phone on my desk at work, walk down the hall, and have my bracelet freak out and start buzzing like crazy because it lost its connection.

Really, though, I don’t have any major complaints. It’s a really great tool that’s worked very well for me these past few months.

Inside its pretty little home.

Inside its pretty little home.

Should You Get It, or Nah?

I really, really like mine. If you want something where you can read your messages on screen, take your pulse, or keep the time, it’s probably not going to be your jam. But if you want something that functions really well and looks great with your outfit, Ringly is the thing for you.

Like The Look?

The Ringly bracelet I have (the Joyride) is currently out of stock, but if you want one, you can enter your email address for updates for when they have it back in.

Another one that I really like is the Rosé All Day, retailing for $165.

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