Little Ways to Feel Oh-So Fancy at Work

I love my job. It’s fun, it’s challenging, and I work with some of the coolest cats around. Sometimes, though, my blankets and pillows just seem so much more inviting than the thought of putting on a pencil skirt. But whatever. Even when I’m feeling that way, I still have to tilt my head back, open my mouth, and pour down a few cups of coffee because I have things to accomplish, gosh darn it!

Fortunately, I’ve learned that I’m a lot more excited and happy at work if there are some things around that make me feel fancy and important. It doesn’t have to be major, but man, having the right stationery can just make you feel like a queen (king). Today, I’m sharing my favorites with you so that you, too, can sit at your desk and feel like you’re rolling like a CEO basking in the glow of the fluorescent lighting.

A notebook that magically turns your writing into poetry

Ugh, just LOOK at those florals! Disgustingly cute, and oh-so fancy. As you write, your words will literally turn into gold. Your boss will read the beautiful lyricism of your budget meeting notes and instantly offer you a raise. Karen from Accounting will WEEP when you scan them in and send them to her. Get a set of three stitched notebooks for $15 here if you want to be the Emily Dickinson of your office (but less morbid, please).

A mug that makes your coffee warm your soul

You don’t need cream and sugar because the right mug will make any drink taste sweet, even as Janet from HR is yelling at you for swearing loudly on bring-your-kid to work day. I was gifted this one back in college, and every time I use it, I feel so proper. This one from Pier 1 is similar, and for $8, you’ll have the cutest new vessel from which to drink the tears of your work enemies. Refreshing.

Paper clips that will help you keep your life together

I know these were meant to be used, but I tend to hoard them because they’re sweet and fun, and I have a tendency to form sentimental attachments to my office supplies (hey, we spend a lot of time together). When the temp saunters over and asks to borrow a paper clip, you better give him one of the cheap metal ones because these are yours. Find some of your own bow-shaped beauties on Amazon for $3.

Cork squares that are practically museum-worthy

Who needs a Degas when you have a few of these masterpieces to stare at all day? These both high-aesthetic AND high-function cork squares turn a plain white wall into pure art. Pin up your personal mantra, like I have, or a copy of your favorite email from Bill in Sales detailing all of your latest failures. Check out these from Hobby Lobby for $6/square.

A to-do board that will turn you into a productivity machine

This was the only craft that I have ever done, and I only did it because it was so, so easy. Picture frame, burlap, bada-bing, bada-boom, you have yourself a ballin’ dry-erase to-do board. You’ll actually WANT to accomplish things and your boss will be mega impressed at how much you can knock out, all because of this. Here’s a picture frame, and here’s some burlap. For about $22, you can have one, too! P.S. - don’t buy anything at Michael’s without a 40% off coupon. Ever. Here ya go.

So there you have it. Stock yourself up with these five things, and you’ll be the queen (king) of the world. Go out there and slay, you Wolf of Wall Street.

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