I Went Into a Self-Induced Sugar Coma While Finding the Best Ice Cream in Omaha

On Saturday, I did something I’ve been meaning to do for a really long time but have just never gotten around to: visit all of the best places for ice cream in Omaha in one day and find out which one is the best. AKA, an excuse binge eat ice cream in the name of science. It was 95 degrees outside, so it seemed like the right day for it. What could go wrong, right?

It took meticulous planning. I was thorough in my research, which I promptly threw out the window because most websites said Coldstone, Goodrich, and Dairy Queen were the go-to places, and that seemed stupid, inaccurate, and not the point of this exercise. I picked my top three, with a few other choices in the event that I could carry on after those, and mapped out my plan of attack. I lied and persuaded my boyfriend that this was a good idea, and convinced him to take pictures and drive. I meant to skip lunch to make sure my stomach was ready, but got hungry and ate two hotdogs. We packed some Tums (plan ahead) and water bottles and headed out on our adventure.

First up was Ted and Wally’s in Omaha’s Old Market.  

With its vintage vibes and unique flavor options, this place was everything that the Omaha food scene is known for - quirky, fun, and unlike anything else. I’m a pretty traditional eater with the refined palate of a five year old (chicken nuggets and macaroni ftw), so I panicked a little when the closest thing on the menu to mint chocolate chip was Cinnamon Oreo. However, the line to the counter went all the way to the door, so I knew there had to be something to this place. I ordered the Orange Clove ice cream, which was definitely outside of my usual wheelhouse. And let me tell you - it was beyond delightful. It was orange-y, it was creamy and light, and I consumed it in about 30 seconds after getting the pictures I needed. 5/5 Specs, would go back today and even pay for downtown parking.

5 Specs.jpg

Next, I ventured up to the Blackstone neighborhood, one of Omaha’s coolest up-and-coming areas, and popped into Coneflower Creamery.

Coneflower Creamery is all about keeping it local, which is evident by their flavor choices that pull inspiration from other Blackstone restaurants and bars. One of my favorite parts? They had beer from Scriptown Brewery (located across the street) on tap. ON TAP. At an ice cream shop! I had a scoop of the Archetype Coffee ice cream, blended from the flavors of the Blackstone coffee shop and roastery of the same name. It was heaven. I could have eaten it for like five more hours. I would have, too, but they have limited seating inside, so I thought I better skedaddle and give my seat to one of the others about to enjoy their treat. Overall rating? 5/5 Specs, would take an IV of Archetype Coffee ice cream.

Finally, we headed to Dundee (my favorite spot in Omaha and Warren Buffet’s hood), and went to eCreamery.


I LIVE for eCreamery. It’s one of the very few things that could make me drive to a more eastern-part of Omaha on a weekend. If you’re as cool as me and like to spend your Friday nights watching Shark Tank, you may remember these guys. They create customized ice cream gifts and ship them to wherever you are in the country (for my non-Omaha friends - so worth it). Paul McCartney and Warren Buffet have been seen munching there, and there was even a sign outside that day welcoming Paul McCartney again (was he in Omaha on Saturday? Pls send more info). Today, I had their peanut butter cookie crunch. It was sooooo yummy, and creamy, and rich, and [insert all of the good adjectives about ice cream here]. 5/5 Specs, would like the apartment right above the shop.

So the lesson? You really can’t go wrong with Omaha ice cream, and each of these three shops provide a fun flavor (pun intended) to the neighborhood in which they are located. You’ll be happy with any one of them. Unless you go to all three within like an hour and a half like I did. Then you’ll regret it, because all you’ll be able to do afterward is go home, eat a whole bottle of Tums, and lay down while dazedly watching a documentary about Scientology.



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